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How Community Commerce Works

We empower marketing agencies to extend their campaign effectiveness
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Community Commerce Connecting


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Quick and simple digital connections

Consumers receive a token when they first participate

• You do your thing and we issue a digital token

• Consumers are invited via an SMS or email containing their ticket

• Tokens are anonymous

• Consumers can then use their tokens and receive relevant offers

Who benefits

Add experiences to campaigns. You continue your regular marketing programs.
We simply overlay our token exchange service, making promotions come alive. 
Horse Race
Office Meeting
Brainstorming at the Meeting Table
Event Planning Team
At the Office







Successful Campaigns

Over the years, we have delivered solutions to a wide range of customers to address their needs.

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Developed and operated the ticketing platform used by Kinetic between 2011 and 2022. This consisted of cloud services, online e-commerce applications, POS hardware and software, kiosk software, on bus kiosks hardware and software and handheld mobile POS validator applications.

VRC Logo.png

Developed and operated the ticketing management platform used by the Victoria Racing Committee between 2006 and 2022. This consisted of on-site services, event management software, turnstile validator scanning hardware and mobile validator hardware and software.

Phillip Island Nature Park Logo_edited.jpg

Developed and operate the cloud ticketing management used by the Philips Island Nature Parks at the Penguin and Nobbies centres between 2017 to 2022. This consists of cloud management and reporting software working with local turnstile validator scanning hardware and software.

Sydney Cricket Ground Logo-28.png

2019 Supplied specialised barcode scanning equipment for use with the hospitality POS systems implemented throughout the stadia.

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Payment transaction processing through services 1998 to 2022. (UMD's sister company)

Phillip Island Choc.JPG

2017 to 2022 supplied specialized barcode scanning equipment for use with their visitor attraction access.

Want to join the community?

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