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Intro to TXP

Intro to TXP
What is TXP?

What is TXP?

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How does TXP work?

How does TXP work?

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Why choose TXP?

Why choose TXP?

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How to extend your marketing program with Community Commerce

  • A regional association implements Community Commerce

  • Marketing programs attract visitors via promotions

  • Community Commerce:

    • connects visitors with vendor offers​

    • authenticates redemptions

    • works with event tickets

    • links to existing programs

    • reports on usage and effectiveness

    • link with events in the community

    • creates enriched visitor experiences

    • increases participation in programs

Turn tickets into experiences

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  • What is the TXP and is this the same as Community Commerce?
    'TXP' is an acronym for the Token eXchange Platform. Think of the platform as the infrastructure to enable members to securely and safely connect to each other, over the internet, to form a trusted community, without the need for specialist equipment or network integration. The platform also allows software applications to be connected to it, to form part of the communities network. By connecting different applications, additional meaning and context can be dynamically applied to a 'Digital Token' in real-time while processing. It is this flexibility and functionality which creates a powerful and seamless exchange of data between the participating members. Providing them the ability to deliver a personalised user experience to a consumer, using common event ticket or their existing membership pass. The TXP is the service, which members can use to form a network and conduct Community Commerce, for their collective benefit.
  • Do I have to purchase any special hardware?
    No. TXP is an extension to your current marketing tools and is easily integrated. The service has been designed and developed to operate using stand IT equipment running current web-browsers technology such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc. A 'PC' which is already in use as part of your Point of Sale 'POS' System could be used or even an existing smart mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Camera functionality is required for scanning tokens, so a commercial available web-camera may be required maybe if not already incorporated into your device.
  • What is a digital token?
    A digital token is anything with a unique identifier, such as a - 1D or 2D barcode eg. QR code - NFC/HF eg. ID card You can use existing tickets, membership cards, vouchers, barcoded POS receipts or any of your own you have created.
  • NDA agreement required?
    UMD's mutual NDA can be found here
  • What is GUID?
    GUID stands for 'Globally Unique IDentifier'. A GUID is a string of text, constructed from thirty two (128-bits) hexadecimal (0-F) characters, arranged in a standardised format ( XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX). Due to their size and construction, it is extremely unlikely a GUID will be repeated or duplicated when they are generated. This makes them ideal for use as a 'unique' identifier for items like tickets, vouchers, transactions, receipts references, virtual tokens, hardware, software applications, accounts and many other items, whether virtually or physically (e.g. QR Codes). If you would like to know more about GUIDS please refer to the International Standards (RFC-4122) .
  • What are some examples of tokens that can be exchanged for?
    Vouchers, cashless, redeem points, collect points. Eg. discount on food or a free gift
  • What technology is involved?
    - Hosted cloud services - Third party certified and secure - PCI DSS compliant - Merchant admin portal - Web based, mobile applications
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