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Community Commerce

Creating Connections

A digital platform that helps regions and their marketing teams boost their visitor engagement

Community Commerce achieves this by linking vendor offers and new experiences to consumer tickets and events. Customers receive a tailored experience helping to elicit deeper engagement, resulting in greater spending.

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Digitally link vendors to events

Local Business Partners


Give customers contextual choice 

Zero Waste Store


Enable real time benefits

What if?

You could influence a customer's decision to visit

Consumers want more contextual experiences 

Extend each customer’s ticket, before, during and after an event,

creating greater reach and more value for your customers.

Community Commerce is an intuitive cloud service that enables your marketing programs to connect with the real world



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• Individual vendors simply don't have the pulling power required to attract consumers to a region 
• Consumers are overwhelmed with choice but are seeking more


• Offer a connected experience!
• Community Commerce connects consumers to vendors before, during and after visits via UMD's 'Token Exchange Platform (TXP)' cloud service

How value is created

• By using existing tickets, membership cards, POS receipts, vouchers or your own identifier, Community Commerce transforms each into a ''token'' such as a voucher, cashless, or redemption point 
• Customers redeem this ''token'' to receive their benefit, which could be a discount on food or a free gift

Reward customers when they do more, see more, spend more and visit again: improving the customer’s experience, creating positive benefits. In return, you will have longer and loyal members, stronger customer relationships and an uplift in sales.

Analyse your customers behaviour

Real-time reporting available. Understand what is influencing your audience, their engagement level, visitor transactions, interactions and movement;
all anonymously and securely captured.

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Helping regions add value to their Visitor Economy strategy

Community Commerce enables marketing programs to be administered across communities with little effort. By leveraging the communities collective strengths, Community Commerce can facilitate earlier engagement and longer attraction of consumers to help boost a region's economy.

Our credentials

With over 30 years of experience delivering customer facing solutions to major customers in Australia, Unique Micro Design (UMD) is proud to support Government and regional associations to boost the effectiveness of Visit Economy campaigns.

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